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Alternative fleet management by Ubeeqo

Ubeeqo is the leading operator of alternative fleet management services. Ubeeqo optimizes the company car by improving its lifecycle use or replacing it with alternative, customized and economical mobility solutions. Ubeeqo driver oriented alternative fleet management services integrate our unique carsharing expertise.

Our solutions

Company car sharing

Latest technology and customized services.

Your employees book the car online using a PC, tablet or smartphone. Available in your car park, Ubeeqo-run cars are accessed with the Company ID badge.

40% fleet size reduction

Fleet & Driver Management

We manage your fleet and driver needs every day

Ubeeqo takes care of all aspects of fleet management, from order through delivery to the end of the lifecycle return. We analyze car use data in real time.

10% savings on TCO

The alternative to the company car

Mobility Credits to enhance your Car Policy

Your employees have the choice of either using the company car or personal mobility credits to pay taxi fares, short term rentals or urban carsharing schemes.

97% satisfaction rate

Our clients

Together, we have reinvented the mobility of their employees.

Transform and optimize the management of your fleet

40% reduction of the size of your fleet. Simplified access to the car pool means fewer cars on the road and vehicles that match real mobility needs. Reduce taxi fares and mileage allowances. Learn more.

10% savings on the global fleet TCO charges. Our eco-driving motivational modules, real time data collection and analysis improve driving habits, reduce fuel consumption and limit vehicle wear and tear. Onboard technology and ongoing updates of the dedicated proprietary management software boost the progress rate. Learn more.

97% employee satisfaction rate. Propose innovative mobility solutions to your employees such as Mobility Credits which can be used via our Mobility App; simple and easy with clear web and smartphone interfaces, the service is backed by a reactive, driver oriented Hotline. Learn more.

600 000 tonnes cut in CO2 emissions. Ubeeqo connected fleet management solutions can reduce annual fuel consumption by 10%. Ubeeqo carsharing solution integrates a number of electric vehicles into the traditional company fleet. Our Mobility Credits actively promote reduced use of the company car. Employees have the choice of transport modes according to their needs.

Inside Ubeeqo

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