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Ubeeqo Mobility Credits
Your company car goes further

Offer an attractive alternative to the company car.

Boost employee satisfaction by offering Mobility Credits to be used via our Mobility App to finance leisure time travel.

What if your company car bought train tickets or paid taxi fares?

You dreamt of it, we made it real! Based on industry reports proving that company cars are often oversized for their actual use (daily commute) Ubeeqo innovates by proposing smaller cars or trendy electric vehicles with Mobility Credits on top. Employees can use Mobility Credits to pay for their leisure time travel (taxi, train and short term car rental).

Transform your Car Policy into a trendsetting, multimodal and flexible mobility tool for your employees by using the Ubeeqo Bettercar Benefits.

  • Voiture en libre service
  • Voiture de location
  • Taxi
  • Train
  • Carte prépayée

How does it work in practice?

Bettercar Benefits are the key to access the Ubeeqo exclusive multimodal transport booking and payment platform.

Company car drivers using smaller cars for corporate urban travel during the week can book train tickets, rent a people carrier for their weekend getaway or book and pay taxis through the multimodal transport platform, using their Mobility Credits.

The multimodal transport booking platform is accessible via PC, tablet or the dedicated Ubeeqo smartphone app.

What are the Ubeeqo Mobility Credits?

  • practical

    It’s a highly practical and convenient answer to the emerging mobility needs.

  • sustainable

    It’s a sustainable mobility solution that promotes multimodal transport and enhances the ensuing reduction of carbon footprint.

  • equivalent cost solution

    Ubeeqo Credits offer an innovative and practical mobility choice and we are committed to the total cost including taxes not exceeding the existing charges related to the company car.

  • innovative

    It’s an innovative and comprehensive mobility solution; your Car Policy constantly adapts to the changing travel needs by integrating alternatives to the company car.

Business case

Example of a Car Policy after implementing Bettercar Benefits

Statutory car
Initial situation
Budget Annual costs
(including taxes)


Smaller vehicle
+ mobility budget


+ mobility budget

CATEGORY 1 56 500€ 20 263€ Small vehicle + 9 000€ Carsharing + 10 500€
CATEGORY 2 47 600€ 15 851€ Small vehicle + 7 000€ Carsharing + 8500€
CATEGORY 3 41 100€ 14 604€ Small vehicle + 6 000€ Carsharing + 7 500€
CATEGORY 4 31 400€ 8 709€ Small vehicle + 3 000€ Carsharing + 4 500€

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